When I was a kid my Girl Scout Troop would go caroling around town some of the older folks. We would jump into a truck pulled wagon with hay and snuggle under blankets.  I am not a very good singer, but it was fun for us and the seniors loved it.  We would deliver some cookies and after have some hot chocolate.  My church, Unity of Madison, has the children sing to the neighbors. The Keller Williams office carols to a senior center as well each year. I once asked someone what they liked about their neighborhood and their response was the Fourth of July Parade. When someone new moves in the neighbors show up with welcome gifts and ask if anyone plays an instrument.  They are then recruited for the parade that goes around the block and all the neighbor participate in some way.  I also had a buyer client several years ago that was told at the closing table that they might have people show up to their house on the 4th of July.  Apparently, the sellers had been the neighborhood party place for that day.  Luckily enough people had noticed the home had new owners and didn’t besiege my friends.  

Community comes in many forms and we are able to create it wherever and however we want.  Do you do something special that enhances the feeling of community where you live? 

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