By this time of year “Let it Snow” has been removed from my playlist and replaced with “Beach in my Backyard”.  I have to remind myself to be thankful for the benefits snow brings with the weather man forecasts another three inches.

Icy tree

Recently, I was asked to house and dog sit.  Since I currently don’t have to worry about landscaping I was not accustomed to having to worry about snow removal.   After a long day, I was slightly salty thinking of the owners scuba diving off the sunny shores of Belize while I was about to have a face-off with snow on their driveway.


Keeping with a positive attitude I reminded myself that snow removal can be enjoyable when done properly.  To prevent injury, I began my snowy crusade by taking five to ten minutes to sip on tea and warm up my body through movement and light stretching.

Taking a moment to acknowledge opportunities to increase safety


helped me remove hazards and worry from my activity.  I layered up and slide my silenced phone into a snow-safe pocket.  Next, I headed to the wall of delicately hung landscaping equipment.  When reaching for the handle I couldn’t help but giggle, thinking of the similarities between the angular shovel and the Ergon chair. With the blade on ground, the shovel’s adjustable handle length and curved shaft directed a slight bend of my knees and gentle arch of my back.  By allowing my movements to be kinetically efficient and less taxing, removing pockets of heavier snow became easier.  In areas where the snow is dense its weight is a shout out to be mindful of lifting mechanics, only lifting appropriately sized loads and avoiding excessive bending and twisting of the torso.   I was fortunate that the snow was light and fluffy but if the snow had been wet and heavy a snow blower would have been a more viable option.

The twenty minutes it took to remove the snow was precious.  I was able to be present in the space, almost meditative.  This allowed a snowy crusade to become a brisk beachfront, where tea replaced margaritas.  Now I’m actually appreciative of the weather man when he forecasts snow.


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